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Information Please enter the requested information. Please note that an asterisk denotes required information.

Required - indicates a required field.
Information When will you be ready to attend Evergreen?

Prospect Entry Term
Term of Entry:Required

Information Provide your legal name. You will have the option of providing your nickname, too.

Prospect Name
First Name: Required
Middle Name:
Last Name: Required

Information NOTE: Only indicate Nation if your address is outside of the United States.

Primary Address
Valid From: Month Day Year (YYYY)
Until: Month Day Year (YYYY)
Address Line 1:Required
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
State or Province:
ZIP or Postal Code:
Phone Number: - (xxxxxx)-(xxxxxxxxxxxx) (xxxxxxxxxx extension)
International Access Code:

E-Mail Address
E-mail Address:
Verify E-mail Address:

Prospect Ethnicity/Race

Note What is your ethnicity?

Hispanic or Latino
Not Hispanic or Latino

Note Select one or more races to indicate what you consider yourself to be.

American Indian or Alaska Native Asian Black or African American Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander White
Alaska Native (Details Unknown
American Indian: Unknown Tribe
Asian (Details Unknown)
Black or African American (Det
Pacific Islander (Details Unkn
White (Details Unknown)

Prospect Birthdate
Date of Birth:Required Month Day Year (YYYY)

Prospect Gender
Gender:Required Male Female Not Specified

Prospect Citizenship

Information Indicate the college you are currently attending or last attended.

Prospect Prior College
College Code:
Prior College Name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
State or Province:
ZIP or Postal Code:
Attended From:
Attended To:
Graduation Date: Month Day Year (YYYY)
GPA: (example: 9.99)

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